Easy FB Commissions Review

Easy FB Commissions is a revolutionary desktop application by Justin Michi and Sean Clark that makes it easy for anyone to earn 'EASY' commissions on Facebook, no website, list or experience required.

Easy FB Commissions is a self contained, desktop based, commission marketing system so there's nothing to install, configure or upload to your website.

It works with one of the most popular sites on the net – Facebook… so there is huge market potential to cash in, in all kinds of niches – and there's almost no competition with this system.

You don't even need a website or any of the other usual stuff like a list, JV partners, affiliates, contacts, resources or even any experience.

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There's 2 versions – one for PC's and another for Mac's and they're both completely plug n' play and can be used to market any affiliate product.

In fact, it's so easy to use you don't even need a manual

Easy FB Commissions 2 new feartures:

Among the other new features, the biggest helpful new feature in the version 2 is the ability to run unlimited instances of software which allows you to run unlimited campaigns. More campaigns means more traffic which in return gives you more money

The software has now also been updated to allow mass direct messaging of your friends – you can also automatically message users after they accept your friend request. Short codes are also enabled so the software will automatically add the users name to the message making it look like a real message.

Easy FB Commissions 2 has key features like auto group/fan-page liker and joiner, auto commenter, the ability to update statuses from within the software and more.

If you are using the first version of this software then you have to use this newer version. Apart from listening to your feedback, Easy FB team has also tested this software for over a year to ensure all the new features added are working properly and bringing successful results to our members. If you are liking the previous version, you will like this Easy fb commissions 2 even more for all the new features it has for you.

The instructions for how the software works is delivered in 146 pages ebook.

Chapter headings include “A Short Introduction To Facebook” that will help you know more about the fundamentals of the system. Other chapter headings are:

4) Market Research Using Clickbank– to help you pick the right products.

5) Facebook Research– To make sales you need to market to the people who are most able and willing to buy.

6) What To Promote– advice on what products to market.

7) Paid vs Free Offers– goes into specifics on trying to sell the product directly from the ad or offering a free report or ebook to build a relationship with the prospective buyer first.

8) Creating Your Facebook Account– good information for those who need a little help in this area.

9) Turn Your Facebook Account Into A Fan Page– helps you set up your page easily and to create a good experience for your visitor to help them decide to buy your product.

10) Get Free FB Traffic– the best traffic is well qualified visitors who are interested in your product and it’s even better when it’s free. This chapter is almost 100 pages because it is the most important.

Chapter 10 takes you from step one and shows you how to set everything up from start to finish. Some of this is very basic for those of you who need basic information and, of course, continues into the more advanced information necessary to be super successful. However, it is all explained where a newcomer can understand and implement the process.

Pros -

    it’s easy to set-up once you read the manual and follow the training
    it’s costs pretty much nothing to set this up perfect if you don’t have much capital to spend
    You will see results HOWEVER your results will vary on how much time you put into it


   - The biggest negative is also the huge positive to this program Its been built from the ground up by people with years of black hat experience who have seen it all come and go before and know every trick and loophole. Yes Easy FB Commissions is from a black hat office, but in white hat hands, its lethally effective long term.

   – Has some expensive up-sells (not really a con, but some people will be put off by this.)


Overall, I definitely recommend you 100% in buying Easy FB Commissions.  The comprehensive modules covered in the program are in my opinion very thorough and accurate.  I am very confident that you will make money with Easy FB Commissions.  To be honest, the knowledge to be gain from this is for a lifetime.  This should see your online earning grow overtime.  So I hope my comprehensive was helpful.  If you do decide to buy Easy FB Commissions, then I have got an exclusive bonus offer that goes very well with Easy FB Commissions program, only if you purchase it through my link below:

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Easy FB Commissions: How Facebook Can Skyrocket Your Business

You’ve been working very hard to introduce your business to as many potential targeted customers as possible – the ones who will find your products irresistible, and eagerly spend money. 

You’ve done it through SEO, social networking, press releases, article marketing and perhaps even a pay-per-click campaign like Google AdWords. In short, you’ve used all the traditional (and not so traditional) ways that help online business catch on like wildfire.

But have you considered marketing on Facebook yet?  If not, you may not be aware of this comparatively new source of targeted customers – the sort who you may not be able to reach by traditional means.

Facebook is one of those phenomenon online that the smart marketer can't ignore. It's the Internet's largest social network site with hundreds of millions of active users.

There are many ways to market on Facebook.  Some ways are free and some would cost you money.  In this report I am going to reveal both to show you how you can use it to build and grow your online businesses.  You will discover how you can get floods laser targeted traffic and build your brand and name easily to increase your profits.

If you are not using this lucrative way to market your business you are leaving wads of cash lying on the table.

Read on to find out how you can benefit from Facebook in your online business.

Why use Facebook to market your website and how do you do it?

Facebook is the currently the biggest social media and networking platform on the planet with over 450 million users, of which over 50% of them are active daily.

Marketing is a numbers game and if you are not tapping into a market as big as this, your competition will leave you in the dust! 

Facebook is becoming so big that it recently overtook Google as the website that got the most traffic in a single day.  This means that Facebook is becoming bigger than Google itself.  How would you like a piece of that pie?

Facebook is also a great place to “soft sell” your products, because a lot of normal users don't know that you can actually use Facebook as a marketing platform for your business.  Not only that, but there is also a way to generate lazer targeted visitors that some people don't even know about. 

Those of them that don't know this is losing out big time.  Do you want to be one of those people or do you want to leave your competition cleaning up behind you for a few scraps?

Another great reason for marketing with Facebook is that there are so many different ways to use this website to market your websites and products and many ways to turn these users into cash.

You can use profile updates, friends requests, groups, fan pages, events, social ads, the marketplace, pictures, videos and a lot more.

In the Facebook Marketing Extreme course, you will find out exactly how you can use all these free techniques to generate massive amounts of targeted website visitors easily, as well as learn how to use the social media ads of Facebook to get those lazer targeted visitors to your sites and page.  These ads are probably the most targeted form of traffic on the internet today.

What is Facebook advertising, and why should you consider it?

You’ve seen them yourself, most likely… those ads running down the right-hand side of your Facebook pages, most of them about interests you particularly enjoy.

You are not seeing the same ads as everyone else accessing Facebook at that moment. These ones are specifically targeted to data Facebook has gleaned from your preferences and other sources.

Facebook ads are simple but powerful.  Each one consists of a title, text block and graphic or photo of your choice – all within a 110px X 80px “box”, to fit that vertical, right-hand Facebook sidebar.

If you think of them as a cross between a Twitter tweet and a banner ad, you’ve just about got the picture!

And yes – they absolutely can advertise your:

•    Product
•    Services
•    Contest
•    Cause
•    Links
•    Photos
•    Videos
•    Business USP
•    Business Event

As well as integrating:

•    Your offline promotions with your online
•    Real-time information for your “fansumers”

Are You Ready To HARNESS The Extreme Power Of Facebook Marketing And Gain A MASSIVE Advantage In Your Business That Will Send Your Online Profits Through The Roof?

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Facebook Advertising Benefits

SEO vs. Social Trends –  Facebook’s biggest benefit is its most obvious. It operates through social networking and trending rather than pure SEO – the hottest trend of this brand new decade.  It allows readers to see your ads on their mobile phones – and mobile devices now outnumber personal computers, 4 to 1!

It is also cheaper than Google AdWords, and while the latter is still a wonderful way to kick-start a campaign, AdWords can be risky for newer marketers, as costs per click can skyrocket faster than your sales.

Will it replace AdWords completely?  That shouldn’t be your goal!  Plan further down the line to do what the big boys and girls do: Kick-start each campaign with well-optimized and researched AdWords.

Facebook vs. Adwords Costs – But whether you use Adwords (SEO based) or Facebook ads (social networking based), Facebook ads nowadays are a “must” – particularly with the not-so-subtle switch over to mobile devices! But it’s great for beginning marketers because at the moment, it’s significantly less expensive to advertise on Facebook than with PPC!

Graphics Capability – It’s other biggest benefit is that you can introduce a graphic element or photo into what is basically just a small text ad! Since Facebook is “tuned” to graphic elements, and interest has been shown to peak when graphics are displayed, it wins hands-down over AdWords tired, irritating banner ads (traditionally low converters for over a decade).

(You could simplify it like this:  Want a text ad only? – Use AdWords. Plan to use a graphic? – Use Facebook Ads.)

Text Capability – You have 75 words to say what you want to say in Google AdWords (that’s less than half a tweet!)  Facebook ads not only allows you a 25-character headline, but 135 words of body text, too. (That’s over double Google AdWords’ capacity – but note; spaces count.)

Does SEO Still Apply?

You betcha!  In fact, it’s absolutely crucial to the success of your Facebook Ad! 

Remember when we talked about Facebook Ads geared to your specific hobbies, tastes, preferences and interests appearing down the right-hand side of your Facebook page?  You’ll notice that:

•    Some really don’t appeal to you
•    A small percentage make you click on them right away
•    … and yet a third group appeals to you, but it may take you days of repeated exposure, seeing the same ad many times, before you finally give up and click through.

You want your ad to be in the latter 2 categories. And you achieve that through solid, well-researched long-tailed keywords (combined with your irresistible, curiosity-arousing 25 character headline and 135 character body text).

Get those elements right, and you’ll have an ad that bypasses casual searchers (how many right-hand-side Google search page paid ads do you ever click on, compared to Facebook Ads?) and zeros in on a 75% pre-sold, pre-qualified market.

Who Is It For?

Some people will tell you that Facebook Ads don’t work for business purposes, but that’s simply not so. It should speak volumes and give you a big, fat clue about its potential when you realize that major companies are taking full advantage of Facebook Ads, in creative ways.

For example, according to Facebook’s own Marketing Solutions page…
•    Honda recently used Facebook Ads to keep consumers updated (and do serious damage control) after its recent spate of shocking recalls.
•    Budweiser encouraged social interactivity with its customers when it invited them to select which commercials to show during televised sports games. 
•    Guitar Hero became the first online video game to reach 1,000,000 fans on Facebook
Even Coca-Cola jumped on the bandwagon, selling “virtual bottles of coke” and promising to donate $1.00 for every virtual bottle sent to their favorite cause.

These 4 examples alone show you the sort of creativity you can employ (and flexibility you can take advantage of) when creating your Facebook Advertising campaign!


If you’ve been wondering what a “fansumer” is, it’s yet another social phenomenon you can use to your advantage.

According to Forrester Research, a “fansumer” is simply a consumer who has “become a fan” of a brand on Facebook.

This brings us back to Facebook Ads’ third biggest advantage… interactivity.

It’s a proven maxim:  Get people to engage as a participant, rather than as a spectator, and their stake in what they’re engaging in becomes personal and more positive. Use an app or a product and click the little “become a fan” text link on your Facebook page, and you are not only contributing to its statistical popularity, but personally endorsing it!

This can help 2 particular types of “product” in particular…

1.    Apps (applications such as Zynga’s “Farmville” game)
2.    Brands

Allowing people to become Facebook fans should be a definite part of your branding campaign… and as for Farmville’s meteoric rise, it is legendary.  One only has to take a glimpse at its U.S. Alexa rank of 370 to see how powerful this can be.

Alexa summarizes this popular app game thus:  “… farmville.com is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range18-24, received some college education and browse this site from home.”

This is right in line with Facebook’s “18-34 female” broad demographic – but the truth is, you can certainly reach other target customers in different demographics, if you take a close look at Farmville’s stats from Quantcast.com:

Keeping in mind that a less broad and more specific demographic is likely to be yours (unless you create a truly buzzworthy product like Farmville) you can certainly play to small niche Facebook markets.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure the niche customer you wish to reach actually does operate via social networking at least as much as – if not more than – through standard PC use and Google searches.

You can also target specific geographic areas, using Facebook Ads (by country, state or province, town or city). 

And remember, when someone brands him or herself as your fan (or “fansumer”), they are letting you know they are ripe for your offerings.

Why Profile Pages are Your Friends!

The main reason you can target so specifically, in spite of Facebook itself have a broad, generic demographic, can be attributed to profile pages.

Think about it:  When you filled out your profile page, you were prompted to share your:

•    Hobbies and interests
•    Career and work information
•    School, college or university
•    Tastes in music, books and movies
•    Personal and contact information (date of birth, marital status, etc.)
•    City and state

And as much extra information as you chose to share.

Among the things you share you can bet people can find great long-tailed keywords! These are what you should use when creating your Facebook Ads – targeted specifically to your ideal customer, of course.  Use your keyword in your headline at the very least – and again in the text (always providing it feels totally natural:  Remember, Facebook puts “social” before “SEO”).
The Mechanics of Facebook Ads

In addition to the creative side of your Facebook Ads, there are other actions you can choose to take.  You can:

•    Pay per click (PPC)… or per impression (CPM)
•    Track your Ad’s progress in “real time”
•    Edit and tweak your ads, for your best results

Best of all, Facebook Ads are easy to set up, with a step-by-step process that guides you clearly through creation and all your options.

Facebook is quietly becoming the newest 2010 trend in online advertising – especially for those on a budget – as of this writing. Even if you don’t think it’s right for your business, you are to be applauded for taking the time to at least learn more about it!

Free ways to market on Facebook.

While Facebook ads could be one of the most targeted and profitable ways to market on Facebook, you can also use Facebook in a lot of other ways to market your products and websites.

The starting point for your presence on Facebook is your profile page. Your profile page is basically a landing page that you design in order to convert your friends to engage with certain parts of your identity.

If you want to use this free marketing strategy, the secret is to expand your network as much as possible. The way to do this is to expand! Start a group and you create a central place for customers, partners, and friends to participate in conversations around your brand. Facebook groups come with boards for posting discussion topics, photos, videos, and links right out of the box. And the best part about Groups is you can create as many as you like for free.

While Groups do offer a reasonably robust feature set with no setup, you're not able to extend their functionality with Facebook applications. In order to use those, you will need to get a Facebook Page.

Pages were launched by Facebook in November 2007 as a way for businesses of many types to easily establish a brand presence on Facebook. Pages are more customizable than groups. You can add HTML, Flash, or even Facebook applications to your pages to extend their functionality. Pages are a good option for small or local businesses that want to establish a presence on Facebook. Like groups, they're another free and easy way to do viral marketing.
You can also join network marketing group, send out several comments, write notes, add friends, add events, join events, wall post on Groups, wall post on Friends Walls, post videos in Groups, cross pollinate with other Group Owners, add many photos, make sure all your privacy settings are OFF.

Never forget that Facebook is a society so don't try to be a seller, try to solve others problems. Community is about communication, and that might be the best advertising you could hope for.

'Brands' are already networking and engaging with consumers via Facebook for leverage, a strengthening and generating a better understanding of the brand itself and customer relationships with it, and for participation and valuable feedback.

Don't underestimated the power of this free tool, you can connect with people around the world so easily. 
In Facebook Marketing Extreme we go into more detail with these.
7 Tips to get viral traffic with Facebook.
By using Facebook effectively, you can easily start getting traffic virally if you know how to leverage this source of traffic. 
Here are 7 Tips to Getting Traffic with Facebook Viral Marketing.
1. Get More Friends
Friends are the most important aspect in social networking as they are needed to make money! The more friends you have, the more visibility your business will have, which ultimately leads to more sales for you.
2. Get a Blog
Blogs are a great way to spread the word about your business. You can incorporate your blog into your Facebook account and add RSS feeds for your readers to follow up on. You can also comment on other blogs linking back to your site.
3. Use Your Picture Wherever You Can
Uploading your picture can get you a lot more views to your articles/comments than those without pictures. Spammers never take the time to upload a picture. Also, people like having a face with a name and it makes them trust you a lot more.
4. Have a Great Profile Page
If you are a big social networker, you will have a pimped out profile page. Link to all of your social network profiles and personal projects to gain maximum exposure. Promote your RSS feed from your blog on you profile page. Make it attractive with enough information to where it doesn't look boring!
5. Use the Notes and Events Features
Sending notes and events are great ways at gaining more exposure in your business. If your friends like it they may even pass them on to their friends. It's a win win for everyone!
6. Create Good Content
Content is king. If you are a good writer in a popular niche then you will have no problem succeeding in social networking sites like Facebook. People like great content and they will take the time to read it if it peeks their interests. Try to write articles that include lists, like "Top 10…" or "7 Reasons Why…".
7. Give Away Free Stuff
Everyone loves free stuff and your social networking friends will really love you for it! Give them a free ebook, or maybe an article you found online. It doesn't have to be big. Anything that is helpful and related to your niche will be greatly appreciated by your friends.
These are just 7 of the many ways that you can capitalize on the social networking craze. These sites aren't going anywhere and are only going to grow. Start marketing now so you can be ahead of the 90% of other marketers out there!

Easy Facebook Commissions Launch

Easy FB Commissions is a new software created by Justin Michie & Sean Clark will be launched on May 13th

Facebook provides several means to allow you to bring customers to your own turf through simple HTML and coding on your part. You can take any of these methods and apply them to your own web site. In my previous post regarding Facebook, I have discussed 5 ways for Facebook marketing – you can go through this post if you want to know marketing tips. Here are some of the tools Facebook provides to cultivate your needs.

Facebook Graph API: Facebook has provided a simple application programming interface (API) that, with a little JavaScript knowledge (at a minimum), you can access on your web site and bring users' friends, likes, comments, and news streams right to your own Web site. Facebook Graph API is for those who want to have the full flexibility of customizing the Facebook experience right on their own turf.

Social Plugins: If JavaScript is a little too complex for your expertise or needs, you should definitely consider Social Plugins. Social Plugins are basically just pieces of HTML that you can place on your own web site and immediately include functionality such as Like buttons, widgets that include streams of the latest activity (likes, shares to Facebook, for instance) from Facebook users who visit your site, as well as widgets that display the most popular pages on your site based on the number of Facebook users who have liked and shared those pages. Facebook provides a simple tool, at http://developers.facebook.com/ plugins that you can preview your plugins and copy and paste code right into your web site. With Social Plugins, all you need to know is how to copy and paste, and you'll be farming with the pros!

Open Graph Protocol: Did you know that your own web site could be a Facebook Page of its own? That's right – by adding some simple meta tags, called Open Graph Protocol, and a Social Plugin or two, you can set your site so that when someone likes your web site (using the Social Plugins I mentioned previously), Facebook recognizes that web site as a Page on its network. You can now post updates to those who liked your web site and track analytics surrounding Facebook users who visit your site, and your site will appear in users' Facebook search results and in their interests for their profile. Open Graph Protocol is how you build the foundations for your farm using Facebook.

Facebook Credits: At the time of this writing, these are only in very limited beta. However, in the future, these will (sometimes literally!) be the currency of your farm. Facebook is enabling a credits-type system, where, with simply your Facebook credentials, you can purchase anything on the web with a prefilled credits account you will have set up. Facebook Credits are powerful for you as a farmer, because they enable a very simple and convenient way for customers to purchase your products with as few steps as possible, in a manner that is already familiar to them.